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The Bruce Malkin Update
This elusive creature is wanted for failing to travel past
Upper Key Largo from Key West!
Use extreme caution if you see this man!
If you are trying to escape, you should be safe once
you pass Homestead Florida, as he rarely passes beyond this point.

Since the Keys are one of the party capitals of the world, parties have become an art form.
This is an art form the "Boo" creature has Perfected.
!!!!! Warning !!!!!
Close contact with this species may result in insobriety, chronic and uncontrollable fun seeking, and loss
of inhibitions. Below are rare sightings of "Boo" in his natural habitat.


Boo and "Pepper" in their natural habitat.

Boo and pepper again... (He must like her.)

Bruce "Boo" Malkin is the middle child in a brood of Three Malkin
Children. The three brothers are Scott, Patrick ("Pat"), and Bruce ("Boo).
"Boo" was born in November of 1957 under a wandering moon,
and wandered a great deal of his life. He fell off the mainland
During a swoon, and now TNT will not get him to budge.

There is only one page. (As I mentioned sightings are rare)
As more pictures become available I will post them.

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